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School administration and PTA members face a formidable challenge when attempting to manage enrichment activities for young learners. The variety of class offerings and schedules can constitute a serious challenge to any educational support network.


Unexpected problems often arise, and lack of training can exacerbate existing difficulties. It is in everyone’s interest to avoid the problems associated with unforeseen events. What happens if a vendor abruptly takes a sick day or a parent registers a formal complaint? We help schools ensure that all parties involved are correctly coordinated, which reduces these common complications. We also remove the potential difficulty of ensuring that every child has been picked up at the appointed time.


InMotion After School will manage all of your enrichment activities and programs at no additional cost. Our simple, effective enrollment procedures create value for parents and school administrators- parents can simply select classes and pay online with our quick online registration form. We hire and manage all of the vendors working in your area. An experienced InMotion educator will always be available to respond to contingencies, and this includes the eventuality of an absentee vendor. Rest assured that all class activities will proceed according to schedule.


Our dedicated school hotline is available to parents. This provides them with an outlet to vocalize any concerns, and our site director is always available to accommodate requests and answer questions. Avoid scheduling problems with multiple vendors and teachers by enrolling your children with InMotion After School!


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