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The InMotion Program is a prestigious after-school learning program for young children. It is a convenient and affordable solution for parents who need dependable and quality childcare before and after regular school hours.


All InMotion educators are trained to communicate closely with teachers and parents, especially those involved in the PTA. We provide invaluable assistance for children to help them reach their school’s educational standards. Our programming is designed to work seamlessly with their teachers in order to enhance and compliment their existing curriculum on a daily basis.


We offer a variety of fun, and exciting enrichment classes which allows students to pursue interests which might not be offered during their regular school-day. These classes are taught by both independent vendors and InMotion educators and selected for their educational value and kid-centric approach. We also provide a homework area for students to receive extra academic help. This is a designated space for students to finish up their daily assignments where they will have constant access to an InMotion educator who can help them with homework problems who will guide each student’s learning process rather than provide answers. This opportunity lasts for one hour, and the schedule is flexible. Parents can select between one or two classes each day.

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